At Coaching4Couples, our focus is to Guide  you into how you can RECONNECT at levels deeper than you ever thought possible, RECOMMIT to a supportive and LIFE giving relationship  and REKINDLE your emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy so that you can enjoy the relationship that you deserve/desire and dream of.  We help you by “Transforming Relationship Breakdowns Into Relationship Breakthroughs.TM

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When you join  Our  Coaching4Couples  Community you will receive our 3 part teaching series on "How To Communicate With Your Heart".  You will Learn:

The 3 Major reasons couples don't communicate well and how to overcome them (Hint - All couples communicate, the problem is they are not speaking the same language).

Learn the secrets to heart driven communication.

The most effective ways to listen to yourself before listening to someone else.

The different types of communication styles and how to identify yours.

Finding your heart during a difficult conversation.




Why is Coaching Effective ?

  • Coaching is about goal setting and achieving specific outcomes
  • Coaching occurs at the pace you set
  • Coaching involves the whole person
  • Personal and Joint Empowerment
  • Rekindled passion and real intimacy


What is Your Coaching Process ?

  • Awareness of LIFE patterns and deeper experiences that impact your relationship
  • Learn tools and techniques for effective and skillful communication
  • Understanding  where you have been settling instead of succeeding
  • A deep dive into who you are
  • Understanding what your compatibility factors are
  • Creating a "Breakthrough Relationship Plan" to take you from where you are now to where you want to be 
  • A structured process to monitor and adjust your  "Breakthrough Relationship Plan"


What Can We Expect from Coaching with You ?

  • Greater emotional intimacy
  • More fun time
  • Listening to and not just hearing each other
  • Transparency without Trauma
  • Deeper levels of trust
  • Sharing more laughs together
  • Seeing each other from a point of strength instead of weakness


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