21 Ways To Say I Love You – Part 4

21 Ways To Say I Love You – Part 4

The purpose of this list is to stimulate more loving interactions in your marriage and dating life. Deep interaction doesn’t always require profound and extra-ordinary effort. You can build bridges and great depth of love with simple and daily actions.


  1. Treasure Each Day Together

Be sure to express to your spouse each day how much they mean to you. Don’t allow what seems to be the common-ness of each day to rob you of how special each day truly is.  


  1. Be The Best You That You Can Be

When we are the best man or women God has created us to be, we are not just helping our marriage, we are helping ourselves.  In most cases you can’t give someone else your best until you are at your best.   


  1. Rub Their Shoulders

If you are a Big fan of physical touch then you will love receiving this action.

We often carry stress in our shoulders and other areas of our bodies. The action of lightly pressing on your love one’s shoulder can help remove some of the stress but more importantly it can show deep appreciation.    


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