21 Ways To Say I Love You – Part 6

The purpose of this list is to stimulate more loving interactions in your marriage and dating life. Deep interaction doesn’t always require profound and extra-ordinary effort. You can build bridges and great depth of love with simple and daily actions.


  1. Put Gas in Her Car

It’s Monday morning and she is in a rush to get to work. There were a million things to do over the weekend and getting gas in the car was not one of them.  Now she is hopeful there is enough gas in the car to make it to work. When she starts the engine she is surprised to see there is more than enough gas.

She smiles as she thinks about your act of love.


  1. Forgive Quickly

You will both say and do things that hurt each other. Sometimes hurtful things are done unintentionally and other times as a way to strike back. 

There are incidents that may take longer to forgive than others, but the road of forgiveness should never be avoided.  

Make a decision to free your life from the prison of un-forgiveness. It is the only prison with no warden and no parole board.  


  1. Don’t Get Offended Easily

One of the things that will make forgiving easy is not to be so offended easily. We all have days when things get on our nerves, but everyday shouldn’t be this way.

Maybe you take yourself too serious and this allows you to be offended easily. It would help your relationship and your blood pressure to not take yourself so seriously.  


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