3 Things Couples Do To Hurt Their Marriage And How to Solve Them

Every couple wants a loving, supportive and lasting marriage. However, as the Bible says, “the little foxes, that spoil the vine” .

In other words it is not the BIG items that take a toll on your marriage. It is one or two and in this case 3 things that can severely harm your marriage. Let’s look at 3 things that most couples do wrong and how you can avoid them.1. Argue about money. The “love of money is the root of all evil”. It is also the root of most disagreement in a marriage. One person wants to save more and the other person has never seen a sale they don’t like. The issue in most cases that involve money is not the money itself but the battle for who is in control. Money is just the smoke; the fire of the fight is “who is in control”?

The way to effectively deal with money issues in a marriage is to have and follow a budget. Most of the couples I coach come to me without a written budget. Get a budget and watch how the arguments die down.

2.  Allow in-laws to become outlaws. When you married you not only get your spouse, you get their family as well. Having more family can be a good thing, as long as both of you know how to set boundaries concerning in-laws. The purpose of healthy boundaries is to keep your marriage safe and keep your family at a safe distance as well. They should be close enough to be loved but not so close they cause you to stop loving each other.

3. Not spending time together. When your marriage seems more like two single people living together, something is wrong. You may have commitments, careers and in some cases children to take care of.  The challenge is MAKE TIME for each other. Notice I didn’t say find time, instead I said “MAKE TIME”. Be intentional about spending quality time together.  Schedule time together, it may not seem romantic at first, but it will help to make your marriage strong. I had a mentor once tell me about marriage “If you are not coming together you are guaranteed to fall apart. “
When you proactively deal with these 3 common mistakes,  your marriage will not just survive – you marriage will be strong, secure and satisfying.


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