A Love That Will Last a Lifetime

My wife and I just celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary. I am so grateful for her and our relationship in so many ways.  Our love for each other has grown year by year.

What I found interesting was the number of people who were amazed we were celebrating 39 years together. To some of them it was an “earth shattering feat”. However, in my mind I am more in awe of the people who have 60 or 65 years together.

While being married, and happily married, for 39 years is great, our goal is to share a lifetime of love together. So I begin to think about what it would take to spend a lifetime of love together and I came up with this formula:

  • LOOK – Look for the good in each other. Look for ways to encourage the good in each other. In a world that is overly fixated on the negative, let your relationship be a safe place for both of you by looking for the good and cultivating it.
  • LISTEN – Listen to each other. Listen at more than your words; listen to the meaning behind the words. Listen for the words that say I need help or I just need you to listen. Listen for the opportunities to serve and to surprise each other.
  • LOVE – Love each other unconditionally. Love when you don’t understand. Love when you don’t feel like it. Love with the intention of being best friends and spouses.

A love that will last a lifetime will not happen overnight. But it does happen a day at a time.


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