Three Things That Hurt Your Relationship

3 things that Hurt Your Relationship
Relationships are complicated and have lots of moving parts.  However, there are some simple things we should avoid that can make our relationships more complicated.     Forgetting God’s Goodness We all get caught up in living life and doing things at a fast pace. We move from event to event, from day to day and week to week without thinking about how good God has been to us. We look at our circumstances and if they are not Facebook pretty, or Twitter post ready, we don’t deem the...

The Walking Wounded In a Relationship

Most of us come into our relationship wounded.  These wounds come from a variety of sources. We are wounded because of our fallen nature. Some of us are wounded because of the unhealthily family behaviors we have seen and in some cases picked up ourselves. We carry these wounded experiences around with us; we take them into our relationship. We see and evaluate our relationship by the size of the wound that we have and the age of the wound. By size I mean how deep was the impact of the wound ...