21 Ways To Say I Love You – Part 4

21 ways to say I love you part 4
21 Ways To Say I Love You – Part 4 The purpose of this list is to stimulate more loving interactions in your marriage and dating life. Deep interaction doesn’t always require profound and extra-ordinary effort. You can build bridges and great depth of love with simple and daily actions.   Treasure Each Day Together Be sure to express to your spouse each day how much they mean to you. Don’t allow what seems to be the common-ness of each day to rob you of how special each day ...

3 Things Couples Do To Hurt Their Marriage And How to Solve Them

3 Things Couples Do To Hurt Their Marriage
Every couple wants a loving, supportive and lasting marriage. However, as the Bible says, "the little foxes, that spoil the vine" . In other words it is not the BIG items that take a toll on your marriage. It is one or two and in this case 3 things that can severely harm your marriage. Let's look at 3 things that most couples do wrong and how you can avoid them.1. Argue about money. The “love of money is the root of all evil”. It is also the root of most disagreement in a marriage. One pers...

Three Things That Hurt Your Relationship

3 things that Hurt Your Relationship
Relationships are complicated and have lots of moving parts.  However, there are some simple things we should avoid that can make our relationships more complicated.     Forgetting God’s Goodness We all get caught up in living life and doing things at a fast pace. We move from event to event, from day to day and week to week without thinking about how good God has been to us. We look at our circumstances and if they are not Facebook pretty, or Twitter post ready, we don’t deem the...

3 Attributes of a Sold Out Marriage

When you talk to successful entrepreneurs, athletes, authors or teachers, there is one common theme to their success, they were sold out. To these “sold out” people there was only one inevitable outcome, reaching the goal. There were a number of challenges along the way. However they didn’t start the journey just to reach challenges and give up, they started the journey to overcome the challenges. Marriage is the same way. We start the journey all starry eyed and excited about the joy befo...

Answers to healing a broken relationship

Healing a Broken Relationship
You have felt the sting of hurt and shame of a broken relationship before. You may be in a broken relationship right now that is headed downward. You wonder - how did you get into this position? -  why is this happening again?   There is some doubt in your mind if you can do it again, that is recover from a broken heart. However you know that you are in love and this is where you should be. You know that moving from one broken relationship to another is not the answer. So what exactly is the ...