A Love That Will Last a Lifetime

Dave and Phyllis
My wife and I just celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary. I am so grateful for her and our relationship in so many ways.  Our love for each other has grown year by year. What I found interesting was the number of people who were amazed we were celebrating 39 years together. To some of them it was an "earth shattering feat". However, in my mind I am more in awe of the people who have 60 or 65 years together. While being married, and happily married, for 39 years is great, our goal is to s...

Ways To End The Holiday Drama in Your Relationship

The holidays can be like that line from A Tale of Two Cities: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." The real question is what holiday stress management techniques can people use to end the holiday drama. There will always be the unexpected drama such as a flat tire or someone dropping the casserole dish. The drama I am talking about is the pettiness, the arguing, and the tense emotions that can stress you out. One of the best ways to end the holiday drama is to have a bala...

Keep it positive; your mate will love you for it!

In part 2, I will share another set of tips that couples use to create a positive relationship. Always listen to your spiritual or moral compass Crossing your spiritual or moral boundaries in a relationship just to stay in it so that you're not alone is a surefire path to unhappiness. By violating your personal or spiritual standards, you can create feelings within yourself of regret, dissatisfaction, despondency and demotivation. The key here is to learn to loving...

What To Do When He Doesn’t Understand You

Image of a frustrated or tired women
When you talk to your man does he seem like he doesn’t understand you? When you try to communicate with him is he “in a Galaxy far, far away? “ When you are not connecting with him you may feel misunderstood, isolated and very disappointed. What you want is to talk and share your heart and be connected to him at a deep level. You may even ask yourself, how can I reach him? What can I do to either get him to listen to me or open up?    Instead of felling hurt and rejected, let’s look at what y...