Part Two of – “A happy Marriage or Dating Relationship is LOVING, LIVING AND LAUGHING TOGETHER.” In this post I share a second key element, LIVING, from my signature coaching program "RELATIONSHIP BREAKTHROUGH: LOVING, LIVING AND LAUGHING TOGETHER"  She was in tears as she said “I love him but I can’t LIVE with him”. Sonja’s heart was broken and bitter about her relationship with Tyrone. She truly loved him but they argued and had long periods of not talking to each other. On the other han...


Max Lucado - of Love as a part of Love, Live and Laugh
A happy Marriage or Dating Relationship is LOVING, LIVING AND LAUGHING TOGETHER. In this series of  posts I will  share what LOVING, LIVING AND LAUGHING TOGETHER  means. I will also share the key elements of how to obtain them. This post,  and the ones to follow,  are from my signature coaching program "RELATIONSHIP BREAKTHROUGH: LOVING, LIVING AND LAUGHING TOGETHER"  In my coaching practice, people share a lot about the "Love Drama"  they are experiencing. It ranges from we argue about ev...

What Father’s Day Means to Me

Making sense of life is sometimes best done by looking back at it. It is after looking at the events and the impact of the people involved, you can get a clearer picture of the why and the how it all fits together. I think this is true as it applies to my memories of Father’s Day. When I was a little boy Father’s Day meant buying gifts for this giant of a man in my life who wanted little and gave a lot. One of the hardest tasks was looking for something unique to give my Dad.  Unlike other me...

3 Things Couples Do To Hurt Their Marriage And How to Solve Them

3 Things Couples Do To Hurt Their Marriage
Every couple wants a loving, supportive and lasting marriage. However, as the Bible says, "the little foxes, that spoil the vine" . In other words it is not the BIG items that take a toll on your marriage. It is one or two and in this case 3 things that can severely harm your marriage. Let's look at 3 things that most couples do wrong and how you can avoid them.1. Argue about money. The “love of money is the root of all evil”. It is also the root of most disagreement in a marriage. One pers...

A Love That Will Last a Lifetime

Dave and Phyllis
My wife and I just celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary. I am so grateful for her and our relationship in so many ways.  Our love for each other has grown year by year. What I found interesting was the number of people who were amazed we were celebrating 39 years together. To some of them it was an "earth shattering feat". However, in my mind I am more in awe of the people who have 60 or 65 years together. While being married, and happily married, for 39 years is great, our goal is to s...

3 Attributes of a Sold Out Marriage

When you talk to successful entrepreneurs, athletes, authors or teachers, there is one common theme to their success, they were sold out. To these “sold out” people there was only one inevitable outcome, reaching the goal. There were a number of challenges along the way. However they didn’t start the journey just to reach challenges and give up, they started the journey to overcome the challenges. Marriage is the same way. We start the journey all starry eyed and excited about the joy befo...