One of the greatest joy in life is being in a healthy, loving, supportive, life giving relationship. However, these types of relationship don't just happen, it takes intentional and thoughtful work to make them happen and to keep them going.

I know what it is like to be in a bad relationship and what it is like to be in a GREAT relationship.  Sometimes we think that if we find the right person or move to the right location we will find that RIGHT relationship. While all of these are important factors in a relationship, they are not the most important factor.

I have been married to my wife Phyllis for over 37 years. We date each other very actively, take walks together and most of all we are each other's best friends. How does this happen? I share these principles with my clients. Not so they can do what I do/did or hold us up as the perfect model, Instead my coaching gives you principles that will help you find your path so you can: Reconnect- Recommit - Rekindle your relationship.

You can reach Coaching4Couples  at 469-626-7750.

Our Mailing Address is  P.O. Box 250941 Plano TX 75025 US


Who do you work with? Married, Remarried and dating couples.

Why are you a relationship coach? I am passionate about helping couples to experience a Life Giving Relationship that is intimate, supportive and powerful. 

Are you a Certified Coach?  Yes,  I am a Certified Coach.

What do I need to work with you? A willingness to work hard and do the assignments.

How are you different from other Relationship Coaches?  The secret sauce that makes me different is I have a good understanding of how to read what couples really need from each other. I also have a deep set of principles that help me to coach you on how to turn a bad relationship into a  great one and  what it takes to make a good relationship better. I work with you to “Transforming Relationship Breakdowns Into Relationship Breakthroughs “TM

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