21 Ways To Say I Love You – Part 5

21 ways to say I love you part 5
The purpose of this list is to stimulate more loving interactions in your marriage and dating life. Deep interaction doesn’t always require profound and extra-ordinary effort. You can build bridges and great depth of love with simple and daily actions.   Massage their feet A foot massage is a great way to help your love one to relax. It also shows great concern and emotional attachment on your part. If you find it difficult to give a foot massage, pay for them to have one done a...

Great relationships require work

Portrait of amorous young couple looking at one another
One of the great relationship lies is that if it is the right relationship, then it should be easy and automatic. There should be no stress, no hard work and most of all no DRAMA. When I hear people say this I often wonder what are they expecting.  Did they truly think that by just finding Prince Charming that life would be “happy ever after”!! Reality Check: Prince Charming will have bad days and the Prince will also forget to let the toilet seat down!! The real truth is that all Great...