21 Ways To Say I Love You – Part 5

21 ways to say I love you part 5
The purpose of this list is to stimulate more loving interactions in your marriage and dating life. Deep interaction doesn’t always require profound and extra-ordinary effort. You can build bridges and great depth of love with simple and daily actions.   Massage their feet A foot massage is a great way to help your love one to relax. It also shows great concern and emotional attachment on your part. If you find it difficult to give a foot massage, pay for them to have one done a...

What To Do When He Doesn’t Understand You

Image of a frustrated or tired women
When you talk to your man does he seem like he doesn’t understand you? When you try to communicate with him is he “in a Galaxy far, far away? “ When you are not connecting with him you may feel misunderstood, isolated and very disappointed. What you want is to talk and share your heart and be connected to him at a deep level. You may even ask yourself, how can I reach him? What can I do to either get him to listen to me or open up?    Instead of felling hurt and rejected, let’s look at what y...